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What is WandrCard?

WandrCard is your healthy lifestyle virtual card. WandrCard membership helps you discover yoga retreats, spa hotels and healthy restaurants and get rewarded when you book your stay or visit.

Once you registered, you will receive your unique WandrCard number that you will then need to share with partners when you book your stay with them.

How can I discover offers?

Browse the offers and rewards available on the ‘Offers' page.

How can I claim the offer?

Once you found the offer you love, book it directly with the partner and provide your unique WandrCard number to them. Your WandrCard number will be verified and you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your order and free Wandrcard offer. Once you arrive to the retreat, hotel or a restaurant will make sure you get your offer as per the booking.
Please note that WandrCard free offers cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferrable; they are only available if you booked your holiday or visit and did not cancel it.