The Lotus Pad Ibiza


The Lotus Pad was set up by Wendy and her partner Neil as a way to offer affordable yoga holidays and retreats to people that would like to experience the nature and beauty of the island without the extortionate price tag quite often associated with being there. Set in the campo (countryside) of Ibiza, in a simple finca (farmhouse) with cool and comfortable rooms near to a small village called San Lorenzo in the north and centre of the island, The Lotus Pad Ibiza offers a peaceful environment as your base to explore the wonders of Ibiza, in a location that is easily accessible to many beaches, towns and markets.

You will have 2 options for your stay. Either simple BYB (Bed Yoga Breakfast) or a Yoga Retreat. The prices you will see for BYB will include the room, breakfast and one yoga class a day either in the mornings or the evening. This Way, you can have the benefit of your daily yoga with the freedom to explore the island as you wish for the rest of the day.

There are also more intensive periods of yoga in the form of retreats, either run by Wendy or other visiting teachers who have also come to love the simplicity and comfort of the place. With the retreat you will get more yoga and more food within the price.



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A 30 minute massage is provided free when you book 30 minutes of massage and a minimum of a week Bed-Yoga-Breakfast or a 5 or 7 night retreat

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Book directly with The Lotus Pad Ibiza and provide your unique WandrCard membership number to claim the offer upon arrival. Please note that the free 30 minute massage is provided when you book 30 minutes of massage and a minimum of a week Bed-Yoga-Breakfast or a 5 or 7 night retreat.


Sacred Summer Retreat with Wendy Buttery and Karen Wightman
23rd - 30th July @ £580/ shared room (£200 deposit)

Are You Experienced 3 day yoga intensive with Wendy Buttery
7th-10th August @ £370 /shared room (£150 deposit) - early bird discounts available

Turn back the clocks - Autumn Equinox retreat with Wendy
20th - 25th September @ £525 room including massage (deposit £180)



San Lorenzo, Ibiza, 07812, - +34664375589 Visit Website


"I spent a wonderful time. Wonderful place, lovely people, intense yoga, relaxation, beautiful beaches and super food. It was when I needed it. I hope to come here soon! Grazie Miue."
"It would be impossible to sat the The Lotus Pad and not be affected by the lemon tree, apricots, expansive skies, space, sunshine, energy and cockerel serenades. All the love and care taken to make the Lotus Pad the nice place it is totally worth it. I hope it remains a sanctuary for fun, interesting and lovely people for a long, long time."
"Without doubt the best start to a new year ever. Thank you for being a lovely, generous teacher. The Lotus Pad is very special and I will be back. Also thank you for feeding me so well. I feel great! Namaste. "
Rachel Calvert

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