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SensaFloat Spa Rest & Wellness Centre started as an idea of four open, innovative and forward thinking entrepreneurs. Flotation was unknown to us just a couple of years ago and what started as an idea, is today a reality.

The float pods or so called isolation tanks were first developed by was an American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, psychonaut, philosopher, writer and inventor, John C Lilly in 1954. While providing sensory deprivation these pods or tanks also provide an overall feeling of body, mind and spiritual wellness and tranquility. While inside a float pod, not only is the body floating but that same feeling is reproduced in the mind and the soul – complete feeling of nothingness. The floating sessions take place in Neurospa Stations made in Canada.

The Neurospa Stations provide a feeling of relaxation achieved in a very different way. The stations have music, visual and sensory stimuli that allow you to drift away and relax. Such a deep feeling of relaxation is achieved that the half hour spent at the station seem to be just 10 minutes.

SensaFloat Spa team is led by Carolina’s many years of expertise as Physiotherapist and solid background in client care and Eddie’s knowledge of water treatment, cleaning and sanitation procedures. The dynamic, reliable and customer service oriented team of part time helpers that love floating and relaxing at the Neurospa stations are 100% committed to provide the best experience.



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